Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello, Fall! Goodbye, Denver...

Hello family and friends! Check us out, only a [month] has gone by and I'm updating our blog! 

I'm going to try to keep this as short and sweet as possible. Hopefully if I commit to updating once a month it'll be less of a novel for people to keep up with our lives. 

We finished off August and waved summer goodbye with the "Taste of Colorado" festival. It's a festival for all of your faculties - amazing food, great music, arts and crafts, and all kinds of games and activities. The best part was getting to see one of my all-time favorite bands, The Wallflowers! It was a great way to send off summer and made for an awesome date night. Not to mention it was the first time in awhile I felt like we actually got to enjoy Denver and immerse ourselves in it - a MUCH needed break for a minute.

In September, "men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars" [nod to F. Scott Fitzgerald] and by that I mean we had a lot of guests come and go as fast as the month went by! At the end of September, Blake and Stephanie came to visit us for a few days (Fri-Tues) and it was so great to see them! Dan really enjoyed having his best friend come visit and we were thrilled that they were able to stay with us during their trip. The last time they were here we went to the Denver aquarium but didn't have a lot of time to really spend with them. This trip was much different though and we were able to do a lot while they were here! We spent some time downtown, played games in the evenings, and Blake and Steph were so generous in taking us out to dinner to an incredible restaurant called Acorn. (It was the ultimate hipster place and hidden in the slums of Denver, everyone gave Steph a hard time about picking it out until we tried the food - it was amazing!)

Dad & Richard's Birthday Celebration
My dad also came into town, the same week, on his birthday (Sun)! It was great to spend some time with him and we celebrated his birthday with my little cousin's birthday. He only stayed for a couple of days though at my grandma's so we didn't get to see him too much but...also in the same week, my best friend and sister, Becca, came into town! 

Her trip was even quicker, she came in just for a day on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday! Lucky me, my dad took all of us out to a sushi dinner on Wednesday before he and Becca left - I was so grateful to have them there to celebrate with me! 

After our week of visitors, Dan and I were back by ourselves with little Oscar to watch conference this weekend, celebrate my birthday, and take a breather. My birthday was perfect - or birthweek I should say! I have felt so blessed this entire week and I am so grateful for the many family and friends we are blessed with in our lives and for the many times we have been in your thoughts and prayers.

So, I'm saving the best news for last...the rumors are true, we are moving back to Utah at the end of this month! Dan isn't quite as thrilled as I am, but we are excited still and have a lot ahead of us. My work needs me in Utah to be physically closer as part of our corporate office and Dan will still be traveling a lot to Colorado to keep his office going with the manager he has put in place. I have a feeling things are going to get a little crazy for a bit, but after everything we've been through in the last year and a half - I'm confident we can do and get through anything! The next few weeks are going to be busy, so stay tuned for our update next month when we become Utah residents again! We'll officially be moved in November 1st so cross your fingers I find a bit of time soon after to fill you all in on our transition. Thank you again to all of our amazing family and friends, we couldn't do all of this without your unending support! We love you!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

160 Days in Review (Excuses for late blogging)

Oh boy,'s been a minute - about 230,400 of them actually. I guess this is where I fill everyone in on what has been happening the last 160 days that has kept us from blogging. I promise we have at least one valid excuse somewhere in there! Speaking of doing things on delay - I still have yet to post our wedding pictures which, I promise, I will eventually get around to doing! 

In our last update it was, evidently, Pi day. To be honest, I can hardly remember what I had for lunch today so bear with me as I attempt to recall what has happened since then. I believe the easiest way to approach this will be to break it down by the months that have gone by. I'll do my best not to bore you too much with a play-by-play while still trying to get in the highlights of what's been going on! 

APRILshowers bring-MAYflowers
Ashley's Eggs
Daniel's Eggs
Last year on Easter I was at the Oakland airport waiting for Dan to pick me up for what became a family vacation I will never forget - we finished Easter evening together with his family and later that week he asked me to be his forever! This Easter was just as exciting because it was our first, full, official Easter together - we attended church, spent the day together as a little family, and even dyed eggs together. It was pretty perfect! Oscar-fart lived up to his name too with all of the hardboiled eggs he was treated to... He may not get so many of those next year. 
The Birthday Boy!

April also meant it was Oscar's 1st birthday! On 04/29 our little Oscar boy turned 1! Being the awesome dog-parents that we are, Oscar was spoiled with doggy ice cream, tons of treats, and LOTS & LOTS of attention and snuggles! I could go on and on about how much we love our little Oscar. He has been one of the greatest blessings to our little family, bringing us from a family of two, to a family of three. He gives us so much joy, entertainment, and love - the occasional frustrations are easily outweighed. We love our little Oscar! 

Oscar has had a Neuter
The other reason he was so spoiled? Later that week he had surgery to be neutered. I was so worried because they would be keeping him over night and I would have to be without my little Osky; but when we went to pick him up, they gave us this photo as a souvenir. I about died laughing while we were in the vet's office! Clearly he was excited to be there! (I'm just not so sure he was as excited once he found out what was happening.) 

We picked Oscar up from the vet and got directly on the road to Utah for the first of what would turn out to be many wedding trips! Our best friends Blake & Stephanie became "The Lisman's" and we were so happy to share their day with them! Dan and Blake have been best friends for years and years - which made it awesome that they were both groomsmen for each other's weddings! 

Iwao Okuno
Later in May we visited my grandpa's memorial site with my grandma and our other Denver family members. It was a beautiful day at Fort Logan National Cemetery and it was filled with flowers and flags for Memorial Day. I had the opportunity to put my arms around my grandma and bear testimony to her that she will be with my grandpa again someday as will the rest of our family. It was a great reminder of how blessed we are in this life to know that there is life after to be with our loved ones again. 

One Year!
So, as months go, JUNE came up and before we knew it Dan and I were celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary! I never could have imagined it going by as fast as it did! Yet here we were, one year married, and I still haven't posted our wedding photos! (Maybe I'll get ambitious and post them as soon as I've published this blog update). Our anniversary fell in the middle of the week while my dad happened to be in town and he treated us to an incredible steak at Prime Steakhouse. It was divine! I truly can't believe how quickly one year went by - the old adage must be true, time flies when you're having fun!

We also had Dan's sister, Karina, and her family (Devin, Becca, & Avery) stay with us for a couple of days in June! It was great to see them and we love having family visit us in Denver! The visited partly during the week so unfortunately we didn't have as much time to spend with them as we would have liked, but it was still great to play pinochle with them and enjoy their company while they could be here! 


This year we took our annual family trip to Vail where, a year previous, we were celebrating our marriage and honeymooning there. Dad and Mindy treated us to an incredible stay at the Arrabelle at Vail Square for our honeymoon/one-year anniversary. It was a beautiful and much needed vacation even if it was just a couple of days. It was also great to be able to have our little Oscar there with us! 

Right after our getaway to Vail we headed back out to Utah again for another wedding - this time we were going to support our friends Chris & Aubrey. Chris has been one of my best friends for years now and he's always been their to support me - including on mine and Dan's wedding day. It was a great day and I am so grateful to have spent their day together with them. They're awesome!

The trip to Utah was a quick one, just the weekend, but when we got back we felt like Oscar deserved some Osky time for being in the car so much. We've been taking him to a dog park in Littleton every couple of weeks to let him play with the other dogs so we figured that would be a good time for him. He absolutely has a blast and it's pretty fun to watch him play with the other pups. Another advantage for us, he's always pooped after (sometimes for a couple of days) so it makes keeping an eye on him a bit easier for all of us. 

July was full of a lot of events! Including...a new addition to the family - kind of. Dan's new mistress, Gladys! She's a 2008 Jeep Liberty and Dan LOVES her! 

So of course, when we were headed out to Utah for another wedding we took Gladys. Which brought us into AUGUST. This wedding was another very special one, it was my younger sister! It's hard to believe a year earlier she was one of my bridesmaids and here I was as one of her bridesmaids a year later. She looked incredible and her day was absolutely perfect! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the day - but hopefully she'll be more efficient in putting up pictures than I am! :) This trip was a little bit longer than our last trip to Utah. We also went to my aunt Jen's wedding on this trip so, needless to say, we're a bit wedding-ed out for a moment! It was a fun trip though and we tried to fit in as many of our friends and family as we could. We stayed with my mom, Reb, and Maizey on this trip too - which meant Oscar got to spend some quality time with little Crazy Maizey! It was also Mom Stratton's birthday while we were in town and we were able to spend time with her and some of our other family to celebrate her day - when I say we had a packed trip, I mean we really had a PACKED trip! 

So here we are, back from Utah and back in the good ol' Colorado Rockies. A week after we returned we decided we hadn't had enough driving (HaHa) and went for an adventure in Idaho Springs for the day. We took a Jeep trail Dan had read about and we are SO glad we did! The day was perfect - slightly overcast, a little rain, and the mining towns we went through were just incredible to see. Of course, I took pictures...
On the way up, we found this abandoned home. At some point, it had a great view!

The views from the drive were absolutely gorgeous. We found a couple of neat spots we're definitely going to head back to, including a disc golf course! Easily the coolest one I have ever seen, called "The Ghost Town Course". We'll definitely be going back up there to try that out. 

This month we also fit in another doggy day for Oscar. Denver is a very dog-friendly city and they held a concert in the park called "WoofFest" where they let owners bring their pets for the day and listen to some of the local jam bands. It's sponsored by PetSmart and other local companies and all of the proceeds go to underprivileged pets. Oscar had a great time meeting other doggies, listening to the bands, and he even got a temporary doggy tattoo. 
Even after all we've managed to fit in for the month of August - it still isn't over! I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by - actually I can't believe how quickly this entire year has gone by. Utah has already had their first snowfall and I'm hoping Colorado will hold out a little longer! (Fingers crossed). 

Lastly, we've fit one more thing in - we remodeled our office! Again! It is a thousand times more functional and far more enjoyable to come to work now! I'll have to post pictures of that - eventually. So that's that for the Denver Strattons - that's our list of excuses as to where we've been and why we haven't blogged much. I'll try to be better - sincerely, I really will try harder! Besides - the next couple of months are going to be very eventful, so I should have some good stuff to write about! 'Til next time!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hodgepodge Blogging / "Blodgepodge": (n. when it takes multiple entries to finally compile one blog post)

Displaying photo.PNGWell, we did it - we made it through January, February, and already partly through March! This past month we've dealt with temperatures ranging from 13 below zero to 65 - sometimes all within a week (and here I was thinking Utah had wacky weather). Aside from the weather though, we are definitely keeping busy. Dan's office has been growing rapidly and it is getting bigger and better each week, largely in part due to the extra house guest we've had. Elliot has been staying with us for some extra help in building our team of techs and his sweet wife, Stephanie, has been very understanding in letting us keep him for awhile. (Luckily we've been taking pretty good care of him I think!)

I am now going to attempt to review our last month. *Deep breath*...

I'm reasonably sure that since Dan and I returned from our holiday trip(s) to Utah, we have had non-stop house guests. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I've been reminded of how glad I am that we decided on a TWO bedroom apartment instead of a "one". Ned and Elliot stayed with us for awhile until Ned left for Kansas City to start up the office out there. Elliot, however, continued to stay with us (flying back to Utah a couple of times in between weeks) to keep helping build up our office and continue training. On top of that, we have also had my dad visit and stay with us at the same time - and these are the days when even a two-bedroom doesn't quite feel like enough space.

Displaying photo.PNGYou may also recall that we put a deposit down on a certain little puppy - well, my mom was so excited to see her that she drove out to Denver to come personally pick her up! Her little long-haired dapple-doxie now has a home and a name - Maizey! (Maizey is from Nebraska, Nebraska = Corn = Maize = "Maizey")

So, she also got to visit me and see our apartment for the first time since we've been out here in Denver. Sadly, our house was full that particular weekend so she wasn't able to stay with us - or stay long for that matter. Still though, it's been nice seeing so many familiar faces lately! 

Displaying photo.JPGNow, we won't mention the "Superb Owl"...but I will say that Oscar was more prepared than the Broncos. What a painful game.

Displaying photo.JPG
Some of the weird "antiques"
we found on "Antique Row"
Since that *ahem* less than entertaining weekend, we've been spending the rest of our weekends, once again, exploring the city of Denver and finding antique shops among "Antique Row" on Broadway.

We also visited our "new" ward! It is...interesting. We knew our building was relatively far from our home but after visiting we learned that our building was actually the first stake center in Colorado! There is a giant mural at the front of the chapel and when we first walked in we honestly thought that maybe we were in a different church completely - Baptist? Evangelical? ... Catholic? Nope. We were in the right building - the missionary tags gave it away. Other than that, it was definitely not your typical ward house. So, needless to say, it was an interesting experience and obviously we'll continue to go - it just will take a little getting used to.

Displaying photo.JPGDuring one of my dad's visits, he had tickets to the "Shen Yun" performance from Mindy that he had planned on taking my grandma to. Unfortunately, Mindy wasn't able to make it out that week so her ticket was passed onto me and the three "Okuno" generations got to attend the Chinese dance/orchestra/performance together. The dance and music was really great but the best part was getting a rare evening with just my dad, grandma, and me.

The remainder of the past month has been Oscar becoming obsessed with Elliot (they are best friends now), working our tails off at the office (and at home), and me falling in love with my Crock Pot. (Just to be clear, by Crock Pot, I really do mean the cooking-ware, in case there was any confusion since we live in Denver.)

Displaying photo.JPGOscar and Elliot really have become buddies since Elliot has spent so much time with us at our home. Osky will lay by our guest bedroom door where Elliot has been staying and wait for him to open up. I dropped Elliot off at the airport this morning and after work brought Oscar home. Since then, he has been either at the guest bedroom door or the front door, waiting for Elliot. Really, quite sad!

Lucky for Oscar, Elliot will be back next week for another few days until he travels to Kansas City to join up with Ned and continue the growth in that office. To say that work here has been "busy", would be an understatement. Dan and I are crossing our fingers that next week will really be the solidifying week we need for our office to really start rolling with its own momentum. We have a couple of trainers now and one has even brought on a personal recruit. Dan also designed a new company logo and we've been going through some recent "re-branding" with his office. I'll also go ahead and say that all of this - is just the tip of the iceberg of how occupied we've been with work.

Displaying photo.JPGSomehow though, after each long day at the office, I've found a way to unwind - in my kitchen. I've re-discovered how much I love to cook! I'm pretty sure Dan and Elliot are glad about it too. When I say I have fallen in love with my Crock Pot - it's not a crock! We've had some pretty delicious meals and they are all things that I've been able to make ahead of time (when I have the energy) and then just come home and binge out. Dinner doesn't get much better than that! If I can muster up the energy, I've been thinking of adding a page to our blog of the recipes we're trying. Dan has been quite complimentary of my meals lately and he said his favorite part is the variety lately. So I think I'm getting approval for experimenting in the kitchen. I almost forgot to mention that I also have a little house elf - kind of. When I'm cooking or preparing meals, Oscar stays out from under foot by climbing in one of our cupboards. He likes it because it's his little hideout and I like it because it successfully keeps him out of the way!

*Page Break - went to bed, finished the rest of the blog on Saturday...Wednesday*

Continuing on...

Today we went to celebrate the "Hina Matsuri". Traditionally it means something to the effect of "little girl's doll festival" but, since it was hosted by my grandma's (primarily Japanese) church, they make it more of a cultural experience. Not only did they have displays of Japanese dolls and miniatures, they also have beautiful floral arrangements, karate and judo, traditional song and dance, drums, and demonstrations of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. However, we really went to see my grandma perform! She's in an ukulele group and they were one of the performances - the best one! She did a great job and it was so fun to see her with her friends! Plus, the udon for lunch wasn't bad either!

Continuing on some more... Pi Day! (3/'s taken well over a week for me to get this posted)

What a week! This probably ought to be an entirely separate post, but since I'm struggling with posting anything as it is - we'll just condense as much as possible and cross our fingers that this winds up "published" with the rest of the blog.

Really quickly I just want to share something I've realized this week: life isn't perfect - for anyone. I think sometimes I forget what perspective is and catch myself holding the quarter an inch from my face instead of at arms length. This week was an eye opener and a reminder that everyone has their own "crap" they're going through. For some, the trial is completely unimaginable and, for others, it may just seem unimaginable to them. Regardless, people deal with their own set of problems and handle things in their own way. Long story short, I've had to pull my arm away from my face a bit the last few days after hearing what some of our close friends are going through.

Hopefully this hodgepodge of a blog (blodgepodge?) catches us up a little - needless to say, life hasn't slowed down much for us yet. Still crazy. Still busy. Still taking each day at a time!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear 2014, is January over yet?

Sometimes I feel like life is an amusement park and going into each new year is like waiting in line for the next newest ride. can't see what the new ride looks like until you actually get on. So you wait with anticipation and finally you're at the front of the line and find out that the new ride is a giant roller coaster! The excitement is there but you're also nervous and all you know about the ride is that there are going to be a lot of ups-and-downs and all-arounds!

Well the new year has started, we've already climbed aboard - and what a ride it has been already. If 2014 has been this eventful thus far...I can't even imagine what the rest of the year is going to look like - both good and bad.

Displaying photo.JPGOn the positive, we've tried our best to start the year right. We dedicated our business earlier this year and we finally have a kitchen table! After visiting our family for the holidays we were finally able to pack up more of our things and trek back to Colorado, luckily our table and chairs were among those things that came back with us.

We didn't come back to Denver right away though. Things kept coming up, keeping us in Utah, and we were really fortunate to be able to stay a little longer than we had planned and spend more time with our family. One person in particular, Grandma Flegal. We had planned on leaving on a Sunday but weather had something else in mind. Instead, we opted to leave Tuesday. This ended up being a huge blessing because we were able to visit Grandma Flegal that Monday on her 96th birthday! We didn't know then that it would be our last visit with her - and boy am I glad we had the chance to visit with her that one last time.

"Gramma Popcorn" passed away peacefully after about a week and was able to join her sweet husband after a long time apart. She is truly one of the most remarkable people I have ever met and I can honestly say my life has been enriched because I've known her. Even in the relatively short time I've known her, I have many fond memories of her and my heart warms at just the thought of her sweet spirit. There was a time before Dan and I were engaged that she asked me if I was going to be a part of the family soon and she eyed Daniel - all I could do at the time was smile, laugh, and tell her it was up to Dan. She recently told me how grateful she is that Dan and I are hers and told me that she was "pulling for me" before we sealed the deal - I couldn't have asked for a sweeter compliment! This last visit with her is one of my best memories because she endlessly told me and Dan how much she loves us and is so proud of Dan. This past weekend we went back to Utah for the funeral of this amazing woman. To see her posterity and hear all of the wonderful things about her was an incredible tribute to the charitable and loving life she lived. I can only hope that, when it's my time to leave this earth, I can leave people with even a fraction of the good that she left behind. So that was the first downhill curve of our roller coaster ride this year, but on the brighter side - it's a blessing to know she is reunited with the love of her life and that we will also see her again.

Displaying photo.JPG
So here we are, back in Denver and going full blast with the business! We've had a couple of house guests for the last week or so and been able to share our home with Ned and Elliot - two of our favorite people from the Salt Lake office. They've stopped through Denver to help us out on their way to open up the newest office in Kansas City and it has been a crazy, busy, productive week! Also, insert props to my sister Serity for doing an amazing job helping Dan out with recruiting! The office has done a "180" in that department and Dan did a total of nearly 45 interviews in just two days last week! Out of that, let's hope we can build this office back up!

Displaying photo.JPGLooking back at the last year, Dan and I realized we needed to take a little more time for ourselves and not stress quite so much - (anyone that knows me, knows that's almost impossible for me). Dan took some initiative though and got our hammock from Mexico hung up on our porch. It is now Dan and Oscar's favorite relaxing spot at the apartment! We also tried out our apartment's hot tub the other night and found out that it's less of a hot tub and more of a...lukewarm bath. To avoid the freezing run from the hot tub to the apartment again, we'll probably be steering away from the hot tub again until the weather warms up a little more.

So January has been interesting to say the least and it feels like it's been full of a lot of driving, tears, and just all around craziness - and...the craziness continues!

Displaying IMG_8652.jpegLast night we went back to Perfect Pets, the store from which we brought Oscar home. Rose (yes, I know the workers' names there...) called to tell me she had just got a little long-haired dachshund in and remembered my mom had been wanting one. Needless to say - we went to see her, got on Facetime with my mom, and shortly after put a deposit on the little pup! She is sweet, soft, cuddly, and just what my mom needed! We even brought Oscar in the store to meet her and, aside from him being distracted by nostalgic times as a puppy, he found the time to slobber on her - although she really had no choice being 20x smaller than him! I'm pretty sure that was his mark of approval though...

Displaying photo.JPG
Anyway, hopefully now that things are settling down a bit (maybe) I'll be able to finally get those darn "Thank You" cards done...

Until the next update - here is a picture of Oscar enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning at our apartment.

Also, I'm ready for summer...bring on the sunshine.

Last, but not least, seriously - is January over yet?!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Only 13 weeks behind on blogging...

Anyone that tries to tell me that having a dog is "NOTHING similar to having a child" - au contraire mon ami! In case you haven't noticed, we haven't posted a single blog since we've had our little Oscar around. Now tell me that's not one of the first signs of parenthood! Granted we have not tried our hand at parenting a human child (nor do we plan to for a LONG time), but Oscar has been plenty of work and further solidified why we chose dog before child. Luckily though, he is absolutely adorable and undoubtably his mommy and daddy's pride and joy! And honestly, who couldn't love his little face?!

In all honesty and seriousness - our lives have been more than a little crazy the last few months. Confession: I'm still working on getting all of our wedding "thank you" cards out -
* (apologies now for those who have not yet received them!). *

The last time I did find a moment to post was back in September, right after we brought Oscar home. Since I don't even know where to start. Everyday is a non-stop race to get everything done between home, work, and...*gasp* Somehow though, we're managing to survive and every night I go to bed grateful for such a supportive and patient husband. 

Since we're coming to the end of 2013 and jumping right into a new year I suppose I should try to sum up this year and catch everyone up on our, often less than glamorous, lives. So here it goes:

On January 1st of this year, Dan and I were vacationing in Denver for the New Year holiday - now, we LIVE here!

February we bought our first piece of furniture together and I got to celebrate Valentine's day with the very most special person in my life - now, I'm married to him!

In March my best friend got married - and Dan and I were completely inseparable. 

By April, we followed suit and got engaged! 

May came along and we suffered the loss of Dan's sweet grandma Stratton but we also attended the temple for the first time together to do baptisms. We also added Betty to our family, Dan's big beautiful Chevy mistress - who he has (just yesterday) broken up with.

And suddenly it was JUNE - and we got MARRIED and learned the true meaning of happiness and eternal love! (Super cheesy, but true) We honeymooned...

Then July came, as quick as the last 6 months had flown by, and suddenly we were on our own in a new state and starting a business. Daunting to say the least but comforting to know we had each other.

August came and went and we remembered how much work starting a business is. Also, we realized how adjusting to living with grandma had it's fun moments, but how much we also really needed our own space. (Haha)

September, we blinked and it was gone! At the end of September though, we welcomed our first baby! (Sort of). We had been doting on little Oscar for months and he was finally ours! We have loved him ever since and couldn't imagine our lives without him now - even though September is the month I completely quit writing and realized being a dog mom was going to be a lot of work...

Oscar spent some time with his grandma in Utah while Dan and I vacationed with our company in October. Lucky me, I got to spend my birthday on a cruise ship! Then we made the trek back to Denver, got our apartment, moved into our official office building - and somehow found some time to eat a meal and unpack (some of) our things! 

Thanksgiving we were truly grateful to be spending time with our family in Utah. I also started online schooling for accounting, taxes, CPA courses, and all those other fun financial acronyms. November feels like it came and went faster than anything and somewhere during that month I sold my car and....

December, bought a Jeep! Also, sold Betty! And...we're buying another truck! We celebrated Dan's 23rd birthday (old guy) and tried to fit as many friends and family as possible into our quick trip to Utah. Luckily, we're about to go back to Utah in a couple of days for Christmas and New Year holidays with our families. 
Happy 23rd to this handsome husband!

So - needless to say again, it's been a bit of a whirlwind couple of months. Still working on getting out those thank you notes and still waiting to get our kitchen table for our apartment. We're loving Denver and our hectic lives even though they are, hectic. Everyday I try to remind myself of how grateful I am for the craziness. Grateful for a husband that has more patience than I have in my little finger, grateful for our supportive families, and grateful for our little Oscar that loves us both unconditionally regardless of how many times we make him go up and down the stairs to our apartment everyday. As busy as our lives are and as imperfect as things may seem at times, ultimately my life is exactly what I've always wanted it to be - perfect for me.

Our time on this earth is so much shorter than we often realize and sometimes perspective gets in the way of the big picture. Although Dan and I have many more years to grow old together, I'm truly grateful for every single day that I get to wake up next to him and for every trial we have experienced, are going through, or will come upon. So to isn't always easy, but it can still be perfectly imperfect with the right people (and dog) in it! 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Even MORE change in the Stratton family!

This past week I failed to blog (again) but this time for good reason! I waited to blog because we had such an amazing and busy week!

Unit 209, our temporary office until 404 is
ready on October 1
Rewind to our last blog post where we were still waiting on our building lease to go through. Great news...we signed the official lease last Friday afternoon, got the keys, and spent all of Saturday moving in our furniture. Except...the keys actually go to our temporary unit. 

No big deal, we get our official location on October 1st (this time it's in writing) but until then we have a pretty good set up and have had much more productive work weeks. My dad came into town on Sunday night last week and has spent the week helping us get settled into the building and coaching Dan and me. Not to mention all of the corporate work he and I have been catching up on. The office, though temporary, is looking good! We've made a couple of additions since the pictures, put some things on the blank walls, and now have another tech in the building with Dan! The shop is also set up and running so we're fully functioning and running smoothly thus far.  Still though, we're both anxious to get into our actual unit so we can make some permanent adjustments and really get settled.

First time at Red Rocks!

My usual Tuesday blogging night was interrupted with date night. Let me clarify, it was a very much WELCOMED interruption! For our wedding I surprised Dan with tickets to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater featuring 3 of his favorite bands. Oh am I glad I spent money on that! It was phenomenal show with Frightened Rabbit, Local Natives, and The National. Not to mention the beautiful surroundings of Red Rocks. Something we'll definitely be investing in again next summer! It was packed and we were center stage about half-way up the amphitheater seats, not bad! A little sad that summer concerts are now over, but it was a beautiful night and perfect way to send off such an exciting season. 

Admittedly, I'm saving the best news for last! I'm sure, if you read any of our blog posts, you are fully aware of the little bulldog I fell in love with months ago when we first moved here. 

Well, a family adopted him and he found a home...that family is US!!

We finally got our little baby boy and I could not be happier! Needless to say, I adore our little family! Unfortunately, because we are still living at Grandma's house we don't exactly get to take him "home" yet. This week when my dad drives back to Utah he will have a little furry passenger. My mom is going to be taking care of our little Oscar until we get our apartment (which she is actually thrilled to do!). 

As sad as we are, if anything, it is more motivation for us to get our butts in gear and get moved to our apartment as soon as possible! Getting a puppy is a big step for us and our little family unit, but we both know he's going to be a great blessing and addition to our family! With Dan working outside of the office in the field everyday, I'll now have a little company during the day at work. (Perks of owning your own business, everyday is "take your dog to work-day"). 
Oscar's baby picture
So, life is good for the Denver Strattons! We've found the apartment we want, so now it's just getting into it and getting our family reunited! This week is going to be a busy one getting new hires trained and prepping for the move to 404 next week. We will move in on October 1st and in the same week we are going on a company cruise! Talk about busy lives... We are super excited though to have a mini vacation for a few days and even more excited to get back to work so we can build the office up!  

We're enjoying our lives and are so grateful to work together and for the support we give each other. I couldn't be living my dream life without my dream husband (cheesy, but true). I'll keep you all updated on the status of our little boy, our business, our apartment, and the other 50 million things going on over here! We love you all and are so grateful for our family and friends that always support and pray for us.

Until next time...enjoy this little video of the day we told Oscar we are officially his mommy an daddy!